We are not going to deny it, nor can we hide it. We are passionate about two wheels. We come from the world of competition, adrenaline and high standards, with a view to democratizing the use of bikes. Whatever your fitness level, experience or lifestyle, we have the perfect product for you. As experts we guide you, not only so that you will have the best benefits, but we also advise you so that you can fully enjoy a new way of moving from place to place.

Both founding partners are former professional road cyclists who have had a friendship and shared sporting career for years. We decided to create GR-100 back in 2009 in Plasencia.

During these years we have been growing with the openings of Don Benito in 2014, Cáceres in 2018 and Badajoz in 2019.


Co-founder & CEO

Co-Founder of GR-100, he discharges the responsibilities of a CEO at the company.
Commercial and Sales Director, he is mainly in charge of administrative and executive management.
He manages everything related to the Extremadura-Ecopilas MTB professional team.
Former professional road and MTB cyclist.
Winner of the España Élite Bike Marathon in 2018.


Co-founder, CMO & CFO


Marketing and Financial Director of
the company, he takes care of everything
relating to corporate image,
the web and accounting.

Former professional road cyclist.
Retül biomechanical technician.
Sports director Level III.
President of the GR-100 MTB club
GR-100 Cycling School Director


Content creator


Hello, my name isDesirée. I am a cyclist from the Extremadura–Ecopilas team, runner-up of the España Élite Ultramarathon in 2018. At Gr-100, I am in charge of social networks, providing support for the Website and online store. Many thanks from the Plasencia store